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A great pre-launch interview.

One of the cool things about being on Twitter is meeting people. Great people, in fact.

I know, Twitter is often maligned as an ongoing spitting match, a political minefield, a place where you pick up followers who have Nothing In Common with you, to put it politely.

It's not true. Well, it is true, but there's a lot more happening on the bird site.

There is an incredible community of authors, for example, who retweet each other, support each other, connect each other.

I am incredibly grateful to be following/followed by John Prescott (@FatMopZoo, go find him), an American author with his own amazing social media friends. Through him, I connected with UK author Mike Chapman @Rubrekian ("Teacher, father, writer, spy. OK, not a spy"). He also has a blog wherein he interviews authors, poets and such folk.

Including me!!

My interview with Mike launches Sept. 1 here: While you're there, check out his other interviews and the other stuff he's up to. Authors! He asks GREAT questions. Very thorough. Very kind.

I also must shout out to ebookmarketingsolutions in New York and brainy Michael Beas.

He has added excitement to my book descriptions, pumped up my SEO and organized a big one-day sale of Adam's Witness (Kindle edition). Holy cow, did that work. Sure, I paid him, but also sure, it worked. It started with a 'free day', which generated more than 3,000 pick ups and since then has sold both books and KU reads every day. I'm nothing short of amazed. Thank you, Michael!

In other news, book two in the Adam and Grace series is titled Broken Through and it launches on Kindle Sept. 27. Cheap to pre-order at .99 US if you can bear it.

It's been a happy week. Thanks, Twitter authors, friends, Michael and especially @Rubrekian. .

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