J.C. Paulson thinks a mystery can — perhaps should — also be a love story.
Switching from fact (journalism) into fiction (novels, mostly) later in life, it seemed a natural thing to combine the two. Evil versus good. Hate versus love. Think Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane, and a host of cozy mystery couples — not that her first two novels, Adam's Witness and Broken Through, are very cozy.
Changing the world would be nice, too. Fiction allows us to swallow the bitter pills of social injustice and still (hopefully) be entranced, entertained and entangled in their solutions. 
A rabid reader of mystery novels, J.C. Paulson has long admired the works of Dorothy Sayers, P.D. James, Louise Penny and, more recently, Ann Cleeves. She lives in a rambling bungalow on a quiet street in Saskatoon, Canada with her husband, Ken, a goldsmith. She therefore wears a tiny golden replica of her first murder weapon around her neck. 


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