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I've been so fortunate to be featured on blogs and several media outlets. Thank you everyone!

The Writing Community Chat Show

I've rarely had so much fun. And so honoured to be a guest on the Writing Community Chat Show. On You Tube.

Hidden Gems 

Hidden Gems is a great site to search for books, and if you want to download some free for review, it's a super option. They were kind enough to feature me in their Author Spotlight. 

The StarPhoenix

The local daily paper has been so kind. Those amazing peeps always cover my book releases!! Here's the latest story on Fire Lake.

Global TV

Global News is one of our supportive local TV stations, and I was thrilled to be interviewed on Broken Through.

Boomers On Books

Thrilled to be interviewed on Boomers on Books!!! Thank you Vince Stevenson!

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