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In the pandemic era, events are rather few and far between — at least with real humans in the room. But the odd things keep popping up. 


Delighted to be chosen as the managing editor of spring.

Not the season. The magazine published by the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild. Stay tuned for the launch, coming late March. Like, early spring.


Honoured to be part of Amy Jo Ehman's book launch.


Fellow Saskatoon author Amy Jo Ehman recently launched her beautiful book Thelma: A Life In Pictures and I was honoured to play co-host at the event, held virtually by McNally Robinson. The book detailed the photographic life of Thelma Pepper, and included a beautiful snap of my grandmother.


Coming up: Building a Mystery


Soon! A virtual workshop on how to write mysteries. Oooo it's going to be fun. April.



Oh my. Ian Rankin!

I'I was honoured to sponsor the Writing Community Chat Show when Chris Aggett and Chris Hooley chatted with great crime novelist Ian Rankin. Here's the linky.


Further bulletins as events warrant.

More to come!

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