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Crime happens everywhere, including in the relatively small city of Saskatoon, Canada. Reporter Grace Rampling has a tendency to stumble over bodies. Detective Sergeant Adam Davis has a remarkable knack of solving murders. They make a good team. 

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Adam's Witness

When newspaper reporter Grace Rampling stumbles onto a grisly crime scene while on a routine weekend assignment, she abruptly finds herself at the centre of a police investigation into the death of a Catholic bishop.


As the investigation unfolds, evidence points to a troubling hate crime as Grace finds herself central to the case — not only as a key witness, but a suspect and even potential victim. Lead investigator Detective Sergeant


Adam Davis is thrown by the fierce attraction he feels toward Grace that, if acted upon, could throw the entire case into jeopardy.


With Grace at risk and off limits, Adam races to unravel an increasingly disturbing mystery, while he struggles to both protect and resist the woman of his dreams.


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Broken Through

A true crime. An action-packed fictional twist.

Former journalist J.C. Paulson takes fact — an unsolved possible homicide — and turns it into an action-packed fictional exploration of criminal minds in her second novel, Broken Through. 

A dead dog. A smashed car. A wild storm — and then, a violent death. 
The quiet streets of a Prairie city have rarely seen such brutality. Tough crime reporter Grace Rampling is covering the case until it suddenly becomes very personal: a close friend is on the front line of danger. 

Grace's lover, Detective Sgt. Adam Davis, is forced to return home from a conference, confront his PTSD and find a murderer before he, or she, kills again. And as Adam knows, a psychopath never commits just one crime.

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Fire Lake

Grace Rampling and her lover, Sgt. Adam Davis, escape for a weekend to a remote Northern Canadian lake, in the pristine wilderness. What should be a peaceful holiday suddenly erupts into chaos, when in the middle of the night, an arsonist’s fire shocks them out of their love nest. 

They rush across the dark water to make a hideous discovery: an Indigenous veteran is dead. He had once protected Grace, and she is devastated to find him murdered in the forest. 

But soon, Grace and Adam's attention is diverted by a terrifying realization.

Someone is lurking in the dark, and they might be next.


Griffin's Cure


Humanity desperately needs new antibiotics.

Who would kill to prevent their discovery?

Dr. Taras Petrenko was a brilliant scientist seeking new ways to heal the sick and save the dying.

Now he's lying dead in his laboratory, but there's no direct evidence of foul play: no bullet hole, no stab wound, no blunt force trauma.
Yet Sgt. Adam Davis and his constable are positive he was murdered.

So is Jay Griffin.

Cured repeatedly during childhood by his mother’s strange potions, Jay asked his professor to evaluate one of her remedies — a unique, strange little fungus. Fascinated, Taras immediately began to investigate its powers.

But why would someone want to kill a man determined to save thousands of lives? The answers lie in greed, passion and power. Adam won’t stop until he finds the truth . . . and the killer.

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Two Hundred Bones

He's been lying in the forest for forty years. His killer thought he'd never be found.

Then Hope Rampling, in pursuit of wild berries, stumbles and falls . . . and finds a bone lying under the leaves and dirt. At first, she and her lover wonder if it once belonged to a bear. Or a deer. But no. It's a human shoulder blade.

By the next day, Hope's sister Grace and brother-in-law to-be, Adam Davis, are on the scene, along with a forensic anthropologist.


Slowly, painstakingly, the dead man's skeleton is exposed . . . and so is the bootlegging history of a remote region where greed once ruled and the law was late in coming.


Blood and Dust

James Sinclair is on the run, hunted like an animal.

An innocent encounter with a young woman leads to horrific allegations by a powerful man. Before he can take a breath, a friend smuggles him out of 1880s Toronto via the remnants of the Underground Railroad and out into the wilderness.

James has never been on the back of a horse before. But now, he's riding hard for the Canadian west, fighting raiders, meeting hobos, befriending Métis traders and beautiful women.

He must find a new home. He wants to find love. But the long reach of a wealthy industrialist could not just scuttle all his plans; it could also end his life.

Blood and Dust is a thrilling ride that roams across half a nation in its wild early days. Its breathtaking pace and high passion will keep you captivated until the last page. 

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